Friday, April 13, 2007

TRACTOR - 1972


01. All Ends Up
02. Little Girl In Yellow
03. Watcher
04. Ravenscroft's 13 bar Boogie
05. Shubunkin
06. Hope In Favour
07. Everytime It Happens
08. Make (Take) The Journey (The Trip)


09. Siderial
10. No More Lies (with Nik Turner)*
11. Mr. Revolution Man
12. Everytime It Happens
13. The Storm
14. The Watcher

The second effort from this UK duo:

Jim Milne - vocals, guitar, bass
Steve Clayton - drums, percussion, backing vocals

* Nik Turner (saxophone) of HAWKWIND fame joins them
on track 10 along with Tom Hewitt in the studio (2001)

The original LP which ends at track #8 and which I owned at the time, is a fine example of 70's Psyche...
The genre of music which "should never have existed"
falling between the cracks of
60s Psych and 70s Progressive.
This edition has 6 BONUS tracks,
not 3 as indicated on the cover.

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